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irse · arte · irme · irle · sirte · aire · arre · arete · arce · ante. DefinitionKontext. verb. Compound of the infinitive ir and the pronoun te. Present Present Perfect Present verbs do have an infinitive form.

Infinitive ir

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In fact, a similar formula exists in English, where we swap ir for “going”: Ir is the infinitive form = To go. - ian-hill, Mar 1, 2011. 1 Answer. 0. votes. ir use this link or link.

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Students practice ir a + infinitive with verbs such as visitar, viajar, jugar, estar, trabajar, volar, conducir, escribir, llevar, and estudiar. The sentences include phrases about spring break activities and travel so the activity works well in the spring around spring vacation time, but it can IR + a + the Infinitive Form of the Verb Remember that the irregular verb ir means to go. Review the chart with the present tense forms. IR -- to go voy t l ella usted vamos vas yo nosotros nosotras.

Infinitive ir


It’s called the futuro próximo in Spanish, and it’s used to talk about activities that had been planned previously, and usually in the near future. If you wanted to compare it to an English future tense, its conjugation and usage are quite similar to the “going + to + verb” future tense. pronoun + ir … IR A Infinitive - IR + A + Infinitive How to say you are going to do something. ir You remember how to conjugate the verb ir: Yo voy Nosotros/as vamos T vas Vosotros/as vais l/ella | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view Ir a + Infinitive: Oral Exercise #1 This oral exercise help you practice the formation of immediate future expressions, using the formula ‘ir a’ + infinitive verb. To study this topic first, see the lesson, ‘Ir a’ + infinitive. You will hear a sentence in the present tense. Here I explain how you can talk about what people are going to do in the near future using ir + a + infinitive.

Infinitive ir

You'll find a verb This verb group, whose infinitive ends in -oodan (ودن/-udan), is simple to remember. Its present stem drops  time (gustar); Sopping clother, demonstarive adjectives; Present tense of irregular verbs (berbs with dipthong); Ir a, ir? infinitive (future); Arranging a meeting,  Nedan finner du fler övningar med verbet. Båda sidorna, och Study Spanish, är på engelska. Träna futurum med ir (Don Gerardo) Ir a + infinitive  -erinfinitive-marker. -reinfinitive-marker.
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The Royal Spanish Academy defines IR A + infinitive as follows: Ir a infinitive of ir this is the same structure but you use the verb ir 2 times since you are going to go somewhere.
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Vas a invitar a muchas muchachas. You are going to invite lots of girls.

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You have just eaten.